EXCELTRAC ® wins coveted European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia for 2006.

At the occasion of CeBIT, Europe's leading multimedia associations announced the Winners of the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia 2006.

Through the Seal, the European Multimedia Associations Convention (EMMAC) intends to honour the outstanding achievements of companies active in the multimedia value-chain. Members of EMMAC nominate their candidates. A jury composed of a representative from each EMMAC member selects the winners. The Seal is awarded annually.

Companies & institutions to which the Seal is bestowed are entitled to refer to, and publicly display, their ‘European Seal of Excellence’. All winners feature prominently in www.Check-Out-Europe.com, the European Showcase of Excellence in Multimedia.

ExcelTrac ® , the leading e-Learning platform has won the prestigious European Seal of Excellence for the quality of its on-line multimedia platform. ExcelTrac ® courses guide the user through the program using proven learning methods, such as, animated demonstrations, voice explanations and a fully interactive interface. The system comes complete with testing and reporting tools to track progress and performance.

ExcelTrac ® provides a fully customizable technology platform for delivering education online, managing digital content, and aggregating access to tools, information, and content through an integrated Web portal environment. It allows education providers to support online teaching and a learning environment that can be used to augment a classroom-based program or for distance learning. Additionally, ExcelTrac ® offers an enterprise information portal application designed for the education industry; and provides enterprise content management capabilities.

Zeta Cyber's ExcelTrac ® is used for both on and off campus information and student and staff identification. In addition, it offers professional services, such as project management; installation and configuration; integration of its applications with existing campus systems; user interface customization; and course and content migration, as well as, training and other consulting services. The company offers its products to colleges, universities, schools, and other education providers, as well as, textbook publishers and student-focused merchants in the United States & Europe.

Visit https://exceltrac.zetacyber.com