Incorporating the most widely used cross-platform Internet technologies, the ExcelTrac™ architecture is built to conform with the open industry standard - AICC/SCORM. AICC compliance provides the capability of MEC’s content to integrate effectively with a wide range of third party learning management systems. ExcelTrac™ can also access third party courseware that is AICC or SCORM compliant. Born-on-the-web and designed to confirm to evolving open standards from its conception, ExcelTracTM can keep pace with your organization's training needs.

ExcelTracTM can function in two modes - Synchronous and Asynchronous.

Synchronous interaction takes place when all the parties (learners, or learner and instructor) are online at the same time and communicating in real-time. A range of synchronous communication tools can support interaction in this "virtual classroom" environment, including:

  • Content Delivery controlled by the e-tutor
  • Multi-media content delivery
  • Full Duplex Voice communication
  • On-line Video
  • Live assessment and testing
  • Web Chat

Asynchronous interaction occurs when a student starts a course on his or her own without any other person or system except the e-Learning Management System to interact with. Therefore, it is typically anytime, anywhere, self-paced learning.
Registered Students

Some examples of asynchronous interaction include taking a self-paced course, exchanging e-mail messages with a mentor, and posting messages to a discussion group about a course topic, etc. The advantages of asynchronous learning are convenience, accessibility, and the fact that it is self-paced.

ExcelTracTM is designed for three types of deployment.

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Stand-alone

The Internet version allows registered users access courseware from anywhere on the globe as long as they have Internet connectivity. The Intranet version works over a dedicated local area / wide area network. This type of deployment results in a closed group community. The Stand-alone version works on any multimedia PC in single user mode.

ExcelTracTM is designed for heavy user traffic and can handle over a million users with a margin for safety and provides immediate access to a broad range of courses over the Internet, Intranet and a stand-alone system. It has been tested rigorously under diverse conditions.