SMS acronym for the “Short Message Service” is a service for sending short messages between Mobile Phones (Cell Phones) at very economical rates. ZCS specializes in SMS technology and has leveraged the simplicity and cost effectiveness of SMS to implement patented application software components called iComm that can be very useful for a variety of business models.

In simple terms i-Comm provides a hook to any Database Server that can hold information like the ones used in Banks, Reservation Systems, Consumer Marketing Corporations, Credit Card Agencies like Visa, Mastercard, etc. This hook helps the application interact with mobile phones to exchange information that can complete transactions like money transfer, charge Credit Cards, etc. without being physically present at service point or Internet connectivity, etc.

This application currently has working models to demonstrate the following services:

1. Reservations – e.g. Theatre Seats, Ad Booking, etc.
2. Credit Card transactions
3. Card Holder Alert when a charge is run on the Credit Card