Independent Quality Assurance
A QA & Test Team must be an independent team within a project. They are responsible for assuring that Client’s requirements have been met prior to implementation. This is the SoftCHECK way.

Project Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance and Testing activities is performed throughout a project's lifecycle. The SoftCHECK Team assess the Client's requirements. A Risk Analysis is performed using a RAID's (Risk, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) spreadsheet along with risk mitigation. Test Scenarios are designed to map back to requirements using a Traceability Matrix. This ensures a comprehensive testing and quality assurance process along with full audit trail.

In the diagram below approximately half of a project's defects are introduced during requirements gathering. It is cost effective to have a SoftCHECK Team onboard early in a project finding defects during the requirements phase ensuring they are testable and unambiguous.

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