UIAS™ the definitive Document Authentication System

Certificates of Merit are printed using high technology print solutions. This is to make the process of creating fraudulent certificates as difficult as possible. However, with the current pace at which technology is advancing, it is easy for anyone to create duplicates of certificates printed even as recently as 24 months back. There is no method of preventing a high-tech crook from duplicating even a new certificate printed using cutting edge technology. The reason is that these certificates are static in nature and cannot dynamically morph themselves to take advantage of newer technology as they become available.

To overcome this difficulty, UIAS™ was conceived as a living certificate system. UIAS™ uses the most comprehensive cutting-edge technology available on any given date to prevent fraud. The advantage of UIAS™ is its ability to apply all technology upgrades to all documents within it, regardless of when these documents were generated.

UIAS™ is a Document Authentication System developed in consultation with a number of Universities and Academic Institutions to infuse cutting-edge technology to prevent fraud in Certificates issued by Universities and other relevant institutions. UIAS™ is a comprehensive integrated suite of applications that ensures that only certificates issued by competent authorities are generated on-line with options to produce hard copies simultaneously. UIAS™ encrypts, dematerializes and disintegrates each document and all associated details before moving it onto the clustered multi-location servers of the UIASVault ™. The UIASGAG™ (UIAS™ Global Access Gateway) is the interface that provides users access to the UIASVault™ to verify authenticity of documents in the UIASVault™. Anyone can invoke UIASGAG™ using an Internet Browser. For optimum performance, use Netscape V.5.0 or above or Internet Explorer V.4.0 or above. Universities that choose UIAS™ offer their Alumni a positive guarantee that Fraudulent Certificates are not likely to reduce the value of their merit certificates. Such Alumni have the additional advantage of not having to present original/Xeroxed paper certificates as these can be viewed by anyone with the UIASCode™ for these certificates, over the Internet. The UIASCode™ is a unique identification code assigned to each document in the UIASVault™.